I have had such a fun week. On Monday we had a class at my patchwork group to make a spools quilt. We were led by the lovely Noell Stawarz who always seems to iron out all my little problems so that points meet where they should – well almost!

The idea was that everyone brought along a few pieces of fabric for a swap. We all cut 1 inch strips from the full width of our fabric and then shared our strips so that everyone had a pile of approximately 30 different strips. We pieced the strips in groups of eight and then from these cut 3.5″ x 4.5″ blocks to be the centre of the spool.

A completed spool block.
A completed spool block.

I was completely hooked. It was really fun to see groups of colours coming together and then to see the completed blocks evolve depending on the colours I chose for the top and bottom of the spool.

It must have been fun because I have sat up late working at my sewing machine for two nights in a row. And here is the completed quilt top…in only five days 🙂

A completed quilt top - in less than a week!
A completed quilt top – in less than a week!

The fabric for the L-shaped border comes from a beautiful piece I have had in my stash for a while. I have a weakness for sewing themed fabrics and the old-fashioned style of this piece seemed to suit my spools perfectly.

In fact, all the fabrics for this quilt are from my stash – I haven’t bought a single piece. My halo will choke me!

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